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"Alice in Wonderland" is an intricate story with a multitude of sections where infographic visualisations could aid in both comprehension and enjoyment. As such, this project takes a lot of data from the book and tells the story in infographic sections, each containing a box with numbers and facts extracted from Caroll's writings. Since the audience also includes children, much of the story was simplified for them to understand visually. The long final strip would be available as a Tablet app, where the user can scroll and discover the story interactively.
The project was also submitted on, an infographic sharing platform. Within the first few days it accumulated 6K views, over 500 tweets and 250 facebook shares.​​
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Illustration, Infographic Design, Interactive Design


First Chapter Alice
Tablet Design
Chapter 3 Alice
Printed infographic
Tube for holding the printed version
A mad tea party
Printed version
Object design
Tablet menu design

A reinterpretation of the classic children's story "Alice in Wonderland" as an infographic.

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