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The concept relies on two main ideas that stem from the city: wander and dadaism. Wander is embedded in the origins of Bucharest, as the founder of the city was a wanderer, while dadaism is an art movement started by a Romanian artist; since wandering is random and does not follow rules, dadaism is a concept that fits perfectly with it. In order to encourage people to start exploring the city, the concept was applied to a range of deliverables forming an integrated campaign.
The focal piece of this project is a set of wandering maps, that provide distinct journeys if started from different locations. At the end of each "expedition", the user is asked to take a photo of something interesting around them, which is then featured in an online photo exhibition. As such, people start to appreciate their urban environment while helping create a collection of urban shots that celebrate Bucharest. All other deliverables - posters, pop-up shop, drinks, zines, smartphone app, social media - support the concept and strategy of the maps.

Strategic Campaign, Advertising, Typography, Layout, Information Design



A major independent project brief: to encourage Bucharest citizens to explore their city and appreciate it.

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